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Reach For Global Opportunities

Join Our Team As a Temporary Forgein Worker

We hire many Temporary Foreign Workers through participation in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) with Mexico and Jamaica. We also bring in workers under the Agricutlural Stream Program for workers from Guatemala, Mexico, Jamaica, Peru, South Africa and other countries.  These programs are critical to our success.  We primarily bring in workers as General Farm Workers/Harvesting Labour/Processing Plant and Cherry Sorters, however we also use these programs for specialized roles such as our Unitec Operators, Farm Managers, and Crew Managers/Team Leaders.

Interested in Joining The Team as a General Farm Worker?

We Recruit in 2 Ways

1. We promote the idea of staff referrals.  Who better to refer new workers to our teams but those workers who have been supporting us year after year

2. SAWP program.  The Jamaican and Mexican SAWP program allow us to bring in workers, unnamed, for seasonal harvest so we can get to know the workers and see if they are a fit with the team.

*We do not accept unsolicited applications, we do not work with third party recruiting firms, and we will never ask for money for an application or send you a job offer letter or collect personal information through email, facebook or WhatsApp.  If you receive a request for any of this, this is not an action taken by Jealous Fruits Ltd.


Si estás interesado en unirte al equipo de Jealous Fruits como Ayudante General de Granja?

Reclutamos de 2 maneras

1. Promovemos la idea de referir al personal.  Quién mejor para referir nuevos trabajadores a nuestros equipos que aquellos trabajadores que nos han estado apoyando año tras año.

2. Programa SAWP.  Los programas SAWP de Jamaica y México nos permiten traer trabajadores, sin nombre, para la cosecha estacional, de modo que podamos conocerlos y ver si encajan con el equipo.

*No aceptamos solicitudes no solicitadas, no trabajamos con empresas de contratación de terceros y nunca te pediremos dinero por una solicitud ni te enviaremos una carta de oferta de trabajo ni recopilaremos información personal a través de correo electrónico, facebook o WhatsApp.  Si recibes una solicitud para algo de esto, no es una acción tomada por Jealous Fruits Ltd.


Temporary Foreign Workers, Supervisory Staff, Team Leaders

We provide dormitory accommodations for our temporary foreign workers, supervisory staff, and team leaders. We have single or double rooms with common washrooms, shower and kitchen facilities. Wifi access is available.


Meal Program

Our packing facility staff may opt into our meal program. We provide meals for these staff at rates that are set annually.
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