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June 2023: Cherry Season Update

Our highly anticipated 2023 season is right around the corner. Here are our flagship cherries, season timeline, crop quality and size, harvest schedule, projected growth, weather, and video farm updates.

Our Flagship Cherries

July Flagship: Regina

Regina will be our flagship variety for the month of July, extending into early August. Jealous Fruits will be the single largest producer of Regina cherries in Canada this year. Regina origins from Esteburg-Fruit Research Station in Jork, Germany. Regina is a dark, large & firm cherry with low acid and a sweet flavour. It has a very long stem and is heart-shaped. Regina stores exceptionally well.

August Flagship: Staccato

Staccato will take centre stage as our flagship variety throughout August, continuing into early September. Expect nothing short of perfection when it comes to flavour and texture. A true winning variety. It has inherited the same firm crunchy texture as its parent Sweetheart, along with Sweetheart's fine appearance and taste. Staccato is planted at various elevations of our farm. It is a patented variety that is mostly produced in BC.

The 2023 Season Timeline

Our 2023 season is set to begin on July 5th, with lighter volumes initially. The main harvest is expected to commence around July 20 and will continue through August 31. Cherries are thoughtfully handpicked at the peak of ripeness to ensure optimal sweetness and juiciness.

Crop Quality and Size

The crop this year is slightly lighter than projected. However, this has resulted in a moderate set, which is promising excellent fruit size and high sugar content.

Increased Production: 30-35% Growth

Our 2023 crop is expected to see a significant increase in production, with a projected growth of 30-35% compared to 2022.

June Orchard Photos

Tentative Harvest Schedule

​Harvest Date(s)

Cherry Varieties

July 2 - 8

Satin, Suite Note, Sylvia

July 9 - 15

Satin, Sylvia, Kordia, Skeena, Lapins

July 16 - 22

Suite Note, Sylvia, Skeena, Lapins, Regina

July 23 - 29

Kordia, Skeena, Lapins, Regina, Sweetheart

July 20 - August 5

Rainier, Regina, Sweetheart, Sentennial, Staccato

August 6 - 12

Sweetheart, Sentennial, Staccato

August 13 - 19

Sentennial, Staccato, Sovereign

August 20 - 26

Staccato, Sovereign

August 27 - September 2

Staccato, Sovereign

Perfect Cherry Weather!

Daily Highs: 20s°C (70s°F)

Daily Lows: 12-14°C (50-57°F)

Jealous Fruits remains dedicated to consistently exceeding your expectations by providing the finest cherries from the bountiful orchards of the Okanagan. We value our partnership and look forward to serving you during the upcoming 2023 Canadian cherry season.

Thank you for choosing Jealous Fruits as your trusted source for Canadian cherries. Let's make this season the sweetest one yet!

Video Farm Updates

Home Farm

El Dorado Farm

Rainbow Farm

Lower Oyama Farm

Towgood Farm

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