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1. Orchard Care

Producing premium cherries begins in the orchard. At Jealous Fruits, we pride ourselves on exceptional orchard care. From pruning to picking, we carefully manage every step in growing delicious cherries over 1300 planted acres.

2. Harvest

Before we pick, we use deep-rooted family and industry experience, and detailed quality analyses to make sure we pick the right varieties at the right time to ensure the best quality for our customers.


Every single cherry we process gets picked by hand into totes and shipped to our packing facility

3. Quality Control

Our cherries are transported from the orchards to the packing plant in refrigerated trucks.


The cherries are washed and disinfected with water at 1C.


Cherries are sorted using advanced optical sorting technology and then checked by hand.


Our quality controls are based on maturity, size, brix, and sweetness.

4. Packing

Select the best cherries to be packed and reach international and national markets.


Using different packages that are efficient to be transported and friendly to the environment.

5. Palletizing

We have an efficient team that carefully stores the boxes, our technology helps us to maintain an organization to place the boxes on a platform for shipment or storage.


We palletize according to the standards of each country.

6. Shipping

Our logistics team is in charge of structuring deliveries by land, ship, or plane.

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