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Our 2020 Season is Now Complete

We'd like to extend the warmest gratitude to all our customers that helped make this season great. Our 2020 season is now complete and it will be one for the books. Our new packing plant is able to run double the hourly volume as our old location, which allows our cherries to arrive as fresh as possible. The brand new automated packing equipment is much more gentle on the fruit and reduces risk of bruising during packing. We'd like to thank you for your understanding as we dealt with a much shorter crop than projected, due to the frost damage that impacted the Okanagan valley.

2021 Projections

Jealous Fruits expects to see a significant lift in production during the 2021 cherry harvest. This season our team worked hard to adapt to the new plant and updated Unitec system. Next year, with the increase in volume and more experience under our belt we will be able to process our cherries faster, providing our customers with the freshest, finest cherries the Okanagan can offer.

2020 Highlights

After much anticipation, Jealous Fruits was able to move into our new home.

Our brand new, updated Unitech system was put hard at work this season. We cannot wait to see what can be accomplished with a full crop next season.

Unboxing of Jealous Fruits Cherries in Vietnam.

Jealous Fruits had the opportunity to collaborate on an event with Klever Fruits for the unboxing of Canadian cherries in Vietnam!

We were able to harvest some beautiful Rainier cherries this year.

Sweetheart, our flagship cherry, ripened wonderfully and were perfectly suitable for air, ocean, and ground exports.

We welcomed the Shukin family into the Jealous Fruits family!

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