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Our season typically begins early July and ends in late August to early September. With new late season varieties coming in the near future, we expect to extend our season to mid September.

Jealous Fruits is the Grande Finale of the North American Cherry Season

Jealous Fruits has earned the reputation of being the “Grand Finale” of the North American cherry season. Our harvest comes to market well after other North American farming areas like Washington and Oregon do. The supreme quality of our late-ripening fruit at the very end of the season makes Jealous Fruits cherries even more special.

Proudly Canadian

Cherries are fruits that do not ripen further after being picked, so they need to be harvested when they are fully grown and have the desired taste, size, and color. As cherries ripen on the tree, they become sweeter and change color. It is best to harvest them when they have enough sugar and have the right color of the skin.

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